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Last edit: 20.May 2018
Status: OK
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How to use Script Editor
1) Activate Script Editor
2) Find Scripts
Start new game, or load your saved game. Now you go to menu, where changing pilot´s name. Write : Thereshallbewings and confirm by ENTER . If you do it well, the name of pilot was the same as it was before changing.
Now you go to menu named Global Settings. The first item is Script Editor. Click on it. Then select : "Script select". Now you can see all scripts. My scripts are named AAA on the begin of each script name. In a name of each script is write what that script do. For example : If you want create your ship into sector, you will use script named "AAA.Create.Ship. Double-click on the script and now you see the line: "create ship". Select the last item (ship name) In opened window scroll down and find item named Select ship. Click on it. Now you can choose ship what you want. You can use filters for more easy searching.
3) Run Script
So you choose script what you want - click on it (select) and press key "R". Then you must select sector where you are. Then you select some your ship or your station in the sector, or another object. And finally you press ENTER. Thats all, script was activated. (ENTER - ENTER - ENTER ...)
If you choose script for example to create a Battlestar, you will add this ship to the sector, if you choose script to create enemy fleet, the enemy fleet will be create in the sector and will attack on you and on your alies. It is very simple and now you can do all what you want and PYOGIG!!!!! ENJOY
Known errors
There are some errors but can't be repaired.

1) Battlestars have a lot of turrets. Yes it is very cool, but the game accepts only 12 guns in one turrets system. Battlestars have more. So you must add guns to the turrets with script. I will create two scripts, could help. (AAA.A.A.Galactica.turrets and AAA.A.A.Pegasus.turrets.xml)

2) Battlestars is too big, for example Pegasus can't normally fly through the gate. There are two possibilities. You can fly through the gate with autopilot or you can use jumpdrive.


This MOD is compatible with X3 Terran Conflict and X3 Albion Prelude.



No patches are needed...
PASSWORD is: pyogig
PASSWORD is: pyogig
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